. Name of the clan is ~M.T~

. Minimum rank to join is SSG but we can make exceptions for lower ranked

. ^ rank doesn't really matter nor kdr so you can have a kdr of .42 and another may have a kdr of 2.52 and you both are welcomed but the good amount that you are ok for the clan is 1.0 (if in the .90s then you are very close and are on the ok)

.As far as age goes everyone from young to seniors are welcomed

.We are a Platoon or level 2 clan at the moment

.We currently have 10 members

.We have a clan emblem but had clan color; will be getting clan color soon

.We allow hacking but not glitching unless its in quarantine mode for glitching and as far as hacking goes, as long as it doesn't look obvious that you are hacking; no spread, no recoil and chams are fine as well as any other that doesn't look like hacking

.The Server is NA not sure if its actually global but we are not in EU sorry for EU players

.We are clean

.We have 14 wins and 52 losses but don't take the wins/losses mean that we have wack and unskilled players without hacks

.the leader's name is marvictrejo

.When it comes to events we post on announcements the mode of the week and if we are having clan matches with certain clans since the upcoming match doesnt work in the combat arms site

.So again don't take the clan win/loss amount mean that we arent good because we can change that around ( 47 of the losses was before the clan emblem was aquired)

.I will be looking forward into meeting new members and playing with them in game so happy fighting!

Incase you guys didn't see on the top the bottom shows whats allowed in the clan
Hacks Allowed: As long as it doesn't look obvious; chams, no spread and no recoil are fine
Glitching Allowed: Only in quarantine mode
Modding Allowed: No
Cheating Allowed: Depends

^ I would like to thank ToxinJr for posting what we need inorder to post this thread
Also thanks to ExIg3nCy-, Obama, and King for posting on what we need to become a sucessful clan, etc.