Looking for Clan
Prefer A Clan that is Lv3+
My KDR: 0.84 and rising
Reason: I've played for a long time and before I used to do suicide missions for fun. And so I have a lot of deaths. Raised KDR form 0.7 to 0.84 in about 2 months (have 11k deaths) so yeah am pretty good.
Hack Activity: Only cham because its fun although people don't know and am very secretive about it.
Combat Arms Activity: Play quite a bit. Have November exams so might be less than usual. I finished my internet playing CA (20GB) since its holidays so you should see by that how much I play.

Hope people want me in their clan.

Post your clan details;

Clan Name
Clan Level
Clan Exp
Clan Leader
Clan Requirements (if any)
Clan Emblem (if any)
No. of Members in Clan

and I'll check you guys out. I'll PM the person whose clan I want to join in maybe a weeks time and get them to add me. Possibly 2 weeks.

BTW My Level is MSG1 and 57% as of 5/10/10.