hey guys i made a new clan nd i want some members

Name: ArmedMofos
Icon: Hopefully getting one... if any1 wants to gift me one that wuld b great, i cant buy NX coz i live in new zealand...
Level: 1
Players in it right now: no1...
Made: umm not to sure, sumtime last week
Gifts: No

KDR: 0.80+
Gun/Skill: Anything
Kills: Anything
Deaths: Anything
Fireteam Record: Anything
NPC Kills: dont know what this is :/ haha
Deaths: ...

Hacks Allowed: Yes
Glitching Allowed: Yes
Modding Allowed: Yes
Cheating Allowed: Yes

ok if i cant ifnd it then search up me, Tall7kiwi im the leader