yup thats right i have a clan add me JOIN the clan ~(O)SNYPERS(O)~
1:mods allowed include textures, scope, rez chams,cross mods, as well as anything that is not noticable right off the bad like rof increase
2:hacks are allowed but again follow the same rules you can use them just dont abuse them meaning chamming but not over doing it if you see someone with a hbs try saying you heard steps
3:i have the program to find your hacks therefore i should have access to tv you to hide such programs in case a tv is requested
4: join have fun and in the app make sure to give the pass which is MPGH MEMBER also include wheather you mod/hack we are a strictly mod/hack clan and therefore we dont want members banned for clan chating about them if i find you do neither i will kick you pronto