Hi guys, I have just created a new clan called Intrepidus Lorem (loosely translates into 'we are fearless' in Latin). We are a highly proficient clan, recruiting members that have been playing FPS for some time. We want members that are not only funny, friendly, mature and a team player, but are also proficient at Combat Arms. The leader (myself) has been playing CA for nearly 2 years. Rank/KDR does not matter, as long as you can prove yourself.

  • Fun, funny
  • Friendly
  • Mature
  • Known/active MPGH member
  • Legit player (no hacks :3)
  • Team player
  • Good Sport
  • Incredibly good CA player

If you, or any other members, are not up to standard you will be kicked from the clan. Let it be known that we have no KDR/Rank restrictions for a reason. You have to be good.

If you want to join, search "Intrepidus Lorem" on the clan search menu and write an application, using the following format. If you feel like you need more than 100 characters to apply, please write an application in this thread (be sure to include your Combat Arms username).

Application Format
  • Real life name:
  • MPGH username
  • Age
  • Other:

If you need any more information about the clan, feel free to PM me or add me on Combat Arms. (PM for my username).

Thanks guys.