Best clan out there using ventrilo/mic

Hacker Requirements - Be good with your hacks
You can OWN VIP but must not be blatant on your character thats in the clan
Dont talk about hacks around Legit members(yes there
are many legits in this clan)

Legit Requirement - Must have ventrilo and the ability to hear me talk
Msg +
1.20+ kdr ratio

And our clan has many members that wants to clan war the best way to get a spot to clan war 24/7 is to have a working mic.

I'm the clan leader if you decide to apply dont say anything like "im from mpgh" or "im a hacker" be smart.

when you do apply type put ur rank kdr and that you got ventrilo or a working mic also write the clan leader recommended you also maybe add something like "i eat cookies" and ull be accepted in no time.

ALSO this clan is not for sensitive players....if you do something that is utterly retarded or stupid you will be criticize and most likely you will rage quit or cry

current record 1874 wins to 458 lose with 6 draws

Message me if u are interested and i will reply with the clan name