Hey guys, I just started a new clan and with the help of you guys I hope it gets big. It's currently no members in it and has no record of wins/losses, with currently 0 EXP. Just need a couple of people and we could start to cw! Well here are the requirements below:

- Speaking English is a priority
- Being CBL clean
- Having a KDR of 1.00 +
- Having no record of you hacking/glitching on any website with your name shown.
- No hacking in cw besides chams
- If you use chams in cw you must carry a HBS/HBD
- Having a Skype/Ventrilo account

Here's the application process, if you'd like to apply please add this on your comment. I'll fill in my information below.

Application Process:

IGN: Consolidated
Age: 14
KDR: 1.40
Time zone: EST
Whereabouts: New York
Additional Information: [Optional]