okay currently this is my new clan and my cousin will be in it to, soon.


1)no vip hacking period (aimbot,opk,glitchkey) chams and all that are okay but nothing obviouse like super bullets and crap that will get the clan a bad rep

2) MUST BE ACTIVE this is the most important rule of all!! i do not want this clan to be dead...i get mad when no one is on or only 5 ppl are on per week..

3) must be a CSM or higher! this way there are no obvious mule accounts in the clan

4) have a kdr of .92 or more...this is very easy especially at the required rank!

5) plz and i mean PLZ!try not to get into drama in clan chat...if u do keep it on messenger

these are my rules plz join...we will get a emblem and clan color change pretty soon so plz join!!...i want to have alot of clan wars but if u do without asking me...try not to lose