Hello people of MPGH
I am here to release my clan ~We Pwn You~

Add my IGN : _Turtlee_
Add my Admin IGN : iAreNoooooob

Respect list :

- Monster9999
- Spartan774

About the clan :
- Currently into clan war . Till we get active people thought
- We are an Aussie clan which is why we are all dead . So if you are Aussie come join , but if not still feel free !
- 100 % friendly clan
- We have a clan emblem !
- We are beginning to increase our KDR to boost up our clan . ( We're 0.7 KDR but we are beginning to add it up to boost up our members. )

We need :
- Snipers the most but you can be SGers, ARers, Kombat Knifers , Pistol Peeps . ( We name our guys too ! )

I guess that is it . Please join us !



P.S - You'll always get turtowned