When I first came upon these free pub hacks I wasn't very sure what to do. I didn't really understand how to use the injector or what to do with the DLL files themselves. In this tutorial, I'll be going over how to use an injector to hack.

You only need two things:

1. Your free hacks. I like xxhackercoderzxx hacks. You can also try out WarPathSin666's hacks.
2. An injector. DCv2 is the best one, DCv2 Injector. I'm using vista 64-bit and it's the only one that has worked correctly so far. I've tried a few other ones, and I think this one is the best.

First, download whichever hack you like, and the injector. Open the files up with WinRAR, and extract everything inside to your CA folder (C:\Nexon\Combat Arms). Do this for both files.

Now, right click on "Injector" and in the Compatibility tab check the box that says "Run this program as an administrator." Click Apply, then OK. This step is for Vista users only.

Start the injector by double clicking it. Once its up, you'll need to click the three little dots (this is the browse button) in the DLL area, you'll see that a new box has appeared. Now select your hack (either xXHackerzCoderzXx Public Hack v2.dll or GlobalFailure2.dll) and click Open.


Once you've done that, its time to choose which process you're going to inject the hacks into. This is a little tricky, but its pretty simply.

Start up CA. The best way is to go to your CA folder (C:\Nexon\Combat Arms) and just double click on "CombatArms_Direct.exe" (Vista users, make sure you're running the game as an admin).

This is the tricky part. When the CA menu is up, you need to click "Game Start," and then quickly go back to the injector and choose the process (Engine.exe), then inject it by pressing Inject. You have to do this fast. Heres a quick video I made showing how to inject the hacks.

Once you're in a game, press "Insert" on your keyboard to access the menu. Use the arrow keys to change settings. I'll make a video soon showing how to use the hacks, which will make understanding the process much easier.