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    For those who are getting a 'System Error' on Nexon Account Registration


    What your`re experiencing may be eligible on variety of form factors.

    This could be either:

    -Nexon`s server is too crowded.
    -You have too many alternative accounts.
    -Your Internet Protocol (IP) Address is banned.
    -Your Hardware banned (Or for your term; MAC Address Banned)

    With each different scenarios, there`s a fix.

    -I`ll start off with the 'crowded server'.

    Of course what you do here is just simply wait. The peak hours of Nexon usually navigate between 4 P.M to 11 P.M Central Standard Time (Houston, Texas)

    With multiple connection adverse to Nexon, you might get a system error.

    -Another possibility is with too many multiple accounts.

    For general reason, each account you make will be marked off with a Internet Protocol Network ID. This shows the IP Address that was created on that account. Making a lot of accounts on the same Internet Protocol Address could lead you to an error and may not allow you to create accounts any further.

    To get by this, I would suggest you find a Nexon account generator. You could find this through here:

    Let me google that for you

    This will allow you to create an account without needing to use the registration page on Nexon`s website.

    -Internet Protocol Banned

    Of course, this might be a possibility. There are multiple ways to change your Internet Protocol. One could be , (if you are using a Static IP Address) , use the command prompt and type in:

    ipconfig /release

    This option terminates any active TCP/IP connections on all network adapters and releases those IP addresses for use by other applications.

    ipconfig /renew
    This option re-establishes TCP/IP connections on all network adapters. As with the release option, ipconfig /renew takes an optional connection name specifier.

    Both /renew and /release options only work on clients configured for dynamic (DHCP) addressing.

    ipconfig /flushdns
    These options access a local DNS cache that Windows maintains. The /displaydns option prints the contents of the cache, and the /flushdns option erases the contents.

    This Command lines will only work if you have a Static Internet Protocol.

    If you have a Dynamic Internet Protocol, you may either:

    -Change the IP address through your Router Manufacturer Control Panel.

    (E.g this is what it looks like with Linksys)

    -Or your other option is to call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and tell them to change your Internet Protocol.

    -Lastly, the other possibility for this error is a Hardware block. (MAC Address ban)

    You could easily fix this by changing your Physical Address through the Registry.

    Simple go to this link:

    How to change MAC-Address in Windows Registry | Windows Reference

    And you should be good to go with an Hardware block.

    If any of these solution`s did not work out for you, it must be just the Nexon server too crowded. This is the most frequent cause , and just simply wait for a few minutes to a few hours and try again.

    Hope this post helps out



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