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    Combat Arms Help & Request Guidelines

    All members must follow the rules and guidelines below when requesting help and responding to someone's help request thread.

    Rules & Guidelines:
    All the MPGH Rules and Combat Arms Hacks & Cheats Rules & Guidelines apply in this subsection.
    You are allowed to bump your own help request thread once every 24 hours.
    You are NOT allowed to hijack someone else's help request thread with your problem. If you are having any Combat Arms-related problem, then make a help request thread about it.

    Requesting Help:
    Please read how you have to do so here.

    Thread Format:
    Please make sure to follow the following format when posting a help request thread:

    Name of the problem you are facing:
    Summary of it, (keep it short, e.g. Combat Arms crashes whenever I try to use this
     specific hack):
    My operating system:
    Detailed explanation of it:
    Images/video of it, (if applicable):
    Solving & Closing:
    If you/we have managed to successfully solve your problem, then please inform the current Combat Arms Minion about it so he can close your help request thread and mark it as [Solved]. That will not only help him keep this subsection organized, but also to be more efficient at moderating it. If we did not manage to solve your problem, then please try to provide us with more details about it so we can eventually solve it.
    Do NOT make multiple help request threads regarding the same problem as if you do so, it will be seen as spam and you may be infracted for it. You have been warned.
    Help request threads left with no reply from their original starters for more than 7 days will be immediately closed and marked as [Solved].
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