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    [TUTORIAL] Remove Lag Add FPS

    In this tutorial I will show you how to improve your computer's overall speed, and improve fps, frames per second, for Combat Arms, as well as any other application you might use. The first step is to increase your virtual memory size. This can be done by going to my computer,right click, and select properties. Select advanced, and open the performance settings button. Go to the advanced tab, and at the bottom you will see a virtual memory box, with a change option. Select this, and select the C drive,by default, and choose custom size, make initial size and maximum size, 4096, this is the maximum allowed,as far as I have seen. Repeat this step for ALL of your drives, then select apply,ok, it will ask you to restart computer, this would be a good time to do this, so you don't forget,

    This portion is thanks to JustinFatalx,
    - This may not work for everyone.
    First off go to Control Panel on your PC.
    Then go Hardware and Sound.
    Then find your Graphics Card Program. - Mine is NVIDIA Control Panel.
    Go to 3D Settings and Choose Adjust Image Settings.
    Now you should see a Line with it saying Performance on one side and Quality on the other side.
    Move the Bar all the way over to the Performance side.

    Next, a series of programs to help clean,defrag,and boost games, these programs are far better at doing there job then the default ones you have on pc.
    Download and install CC Cleaner. Download CCleaner 2.29.1111 - Download - Run , and use the run cleaner option, after it is finished , click the registry option below cleaner, on left pane, then scan for issues and fix all issues, repeat this until it doesn't find any issues.(you dont have to backup changes )

    Now, for the stuff you probably do not have, Download and install Smart Defrag, Thank you for downloading Smart Defrag from
    Open and run the defrag now option from left pane, and I suggest A deep optimization, but defrag only will increase it some.
    I suggest all drives be done, but C drive only will increase it some. I say some, because if you do all and all the way, you will get better results.

    Next download and install Advanced System Care 3, Thank you for downloading Advanced SystemCare Free from there are a lot of jobs for this program to accomplish, so we will walk through those, very quickly.On the maintain windows,diagnose system, you want to run the scan and repair. Make sure you do this for Windows , and Diagnose system.

    Utilities, ~Disk Scan~run, click yes,wait for the dos window to run and close.
    ~Disk Cleaner~run , select all drives, click next,wait for the scan to finish,then click next again. I suggest removing to recycle bin, in case, but you can delete them permanently if you choose. then click finish.

    ~Internet Booster~ run, Auto optimize, click Go!, select your bandwidth on the slider scale and optimize, then click close.

    If you don't know your internet speed, go to control panel,network connections,and double click the connection you are using, the speed of your connection will be displayed in the top box that opens.

    ~Shortcut Fixer~open, click scan, fix all problems, and close.

    ~Now you're ready to use the Turbo Boost option, First configure Turbo Boost, select all boxes along the way, very easy, click next, on the last window, if you choose the remember selected applications, you won't have to config every time you boost, click finish.

    From now on, you can run the smart defrag from here also, just be sure to run it first, always boost last

    We will walk through game booster defragger in case you do not know how this works. Download and install game booster. MajorGeeks.Com - Contacting Download Site
    From the start menu open game booster, go to the game defrag tab, and defrag all icons/programs shown. This is done by analyzing then if any problems are found, defragmenting these files.

    After you have finished go back to the "main" tab, go through selecting all items listed, and switch to gaming mode,.

    Now you're ready to run Combat Arms, or whatever game you are playing, Go to the in game menu settings and turn the resolution down as low as it will go, this will decrease the look, and might increase the text in game, but we are reducing lag, also go to the user settings, and set them to low, or as low as they will go.

    Next tab out , alt+tab , or if that doesn't work click the buy NX tab in game, and it will open the nexon website, but it will tab out for you. press alt+control+delete to open task manager, this can also be done by right clicking the lowest portion of your bar on your desktop, and selecting the task manager option, in the processes , and find Engine.exe , and right click and set priority to high.

    These things will dramatically improve your gaming and computer as a whole. All these have been tested on all operating systems, and should work. All are optional, you can select what you would like to do, and will improve your experience.

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    i think you took all the tutorials and combined them.

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