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    Regarding TeamViewing

    Ok guys i know that alot of issues can be solved by having someone Teamview you, however having a complete stranger TV you is a very big risk. When browsing through threads of people asking for help, i see many replies from low post count choobs saying:
    PM me your TV ID/PW and ill help you
    While this may be a helpful stranger, it could also be a dangerous stranger wanting nothing more then to damage your computer. Which is why the CA section staff are instituting this new policy. Only Trusted Members, Minions, Moderators, G-Mods, and other MPGH staff are to Teamview MPGH users. If you receive a request/reply for someone not in this group we highly recommend NOT giving them your TV info, as this is a major risk to your computer. Report the person to a Minion/Mod and we will decide how to handle it. Keep in mind that we are only trying to keep your computer safe.
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