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    Probelms & Solutions v1

    I saw another sticky like this, i thought i would like to update this one.

    It says its missing a .dll file when i inject a hack, what do i do? Simply just go to Download your missing dll-files - and search for the .dll your looking for, then drag it into your C:/Windows/System32/ and try again.

    I got ban for hacking, is there anyway i can get my account back? Chances are, no. Your best hope is to submit a ticket at the customer support section.

    Im on a laptop, and i can't use my numpad for hotkey hacks, what do i do? 0=m, 1=j, 2=k, 3=l, 4=u, 5=i, 6=o, 7, 8, 9 are the regular number keys.

    Im stuck at the "Connecting to server" screen, what do i do? This is because your ping is high, or the server is just lagging, your only chance is to wait until it fixes itself its completely normal and happens a lot.

    How do i inject a hack? Download a injector, click browse, choose the hack (.dll) and make sure the process is set to Engine.exe and must "Inject automatically".

    I got hacks but they don't work on my computer, why? They are either patched, detected, you are missing basic requirments such as Microsoft .NET Framework, or the hack doesn't have support for your OS.

    I can't start Combat Arms, or when i start a match i DC This may be due to an outdated or patched mod, if you don't know what mod you have that caused this re-install combat arms

    How do i know if a hack is patched? Read through the replies (the very few last ones obviously), and if you think somone bumped a thread, order your threads from newest to oldest using the forum options

    Will i get ban if i hack? Hacking IS a banable offense, it violates nexons policy, but if you wanna play fair you gotta hack because everyone else hacks and unless you fly/opk you won't get ban.

    More to come soon :P

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