My clan from CA, Are a hacking based clan called UnderGroundRats, i think Whit's in it, any way... I just joined about 1 month ago, and i searched a CP[ham... It worked way perfectly cause all i had too do is download it and click Install Wall-hack and Install Chams, but since the new theme/update occurred i cant seem too use it anymore, now i need help... I searched the CA Forums for Chams/Aimbots Etc etc, but all i found was codes... Which i have no clue where too put them etc... Then there's Aimbots, every time i try too download a file from MPGH, Example: Skill Improver, It downloads with WinRAR, But when i try too open it, it says its Damaged or something... So if any one's reading this and reply's thank you very much =/, It feels so hard without my Chams :'(.