How come everyone else can get there hacks to work except me? Can someone use TeamViewer with me and help me get it to work.

I'll go over this in detail on what i'm doing.

I've tried about 10 hacks all crashing. Whenever I try I crash before Combat Arms even gets to the loading screen and it puts these files in my Combat Arms folder CombatDump_20101007_184551_0.dmp along with a text folder Debug(_2010.

I have tried using Valkrye injector, flaming injector, 1337 Injector bInject
dunno but it should be working.

Used updated C00lguy v4.3 pub Noob pub 10.7.10 and freedom Sunrise.

First I got all my .dlls in open the injector make sure it has the path, auto-inject. Then I use Combat Arms-Direct to start the game. Then I crash.

Would like help!!!