So, I normally wouldn't post much in this forum, maybe thank someone for something. anyways.

I need a little help finding a type of hack, if it's not standerd issue with free hacks anymore.

Just a little backround, I was playing ,and useing this forums hacks like 8 months ago, dunno whats been perma patched, or made VIP or what, but anyways.

The hack pack I had at the time ( was using the "Ca auto inject and CA mod o matic") I had chams, (or what was left of them) and had this nifty ability, where when I pressed alt, I would 'fly' up into the air, and have an overhead view, while my physical guy was still on the ground, was impeded by walls still, and for all intensive purposes was still on the ground. But "i" was in the air, and was able to pick people off as if way up in the air. It was really cool.

If anyone knows what this was called, can direct me to a mod pack, that's not VIP to use it still, along with chams if it's not a slandered part of hack packs, I would be very thankful.

Yes I have searched, but I honestly cannot remember what it was called, and the damn servers went under maintnece like an hour after I started futzing with the game and finally getting it to run right, let alone figreung out how to work the new tech to hack the game.