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    Keep Getting Banhammer

    Ok, wall of text incoming.

    Is it possible that Nexon is banning my accounts based on my hardware ids? I've always hacked on alternate accounts, always been fairly careful. Never gifted my main, never connected my accounts in any way, always used a cleaner. But my main got banned for hacking, complete bs. Got unbanned thankfully, but 3 months or so later, it got banned again for the same reason. So, I started playing on another, legit account I had made a long time ago when my main was first banned. Was having a good time with it for a few months but now I tried logging on yesterday to find that it too is banned. Wall of shame says that I was banned for hacking, which is again, complete bs. The dumbest thing is, I barely even play CA much anymore. Haven't done anything with my hacker accounts since like, thanksgiving. So, I'm starting to wonder if Nexon is connecting all my accounts somehow and banning my legit ones. Funny thing is, several of my hacker accounts are untouched but my good ones are all banned. What's so dumb about all this is that my brother is almost a cpt now and he's never been banned, despite the fact that he actually used hacks on that account early on. Connecting them by ip wouldn't work, it's dynamic. MAC address maybe, but I'm on a wireless connection and so is my brother. So we're both on the same mac and I should think that he would be banned then too. The only things left that I can think of would be hardware ids or registry keys. I'm not aware that Nexon checks on either of these but idk what else to think.

    Really kind of discouraging as I enter month 4 of waiting on the ticket for my main account. I'm starting to wonder if whenever I make a new one, they will ban it .
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    my first main was banned 2 years ago for the same reason. its your IP. or nexon banning everyone who is lower than csm

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