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    Common problems for a CA hacker

    Hey everyone, for a long time now there have been noobs and so forth spamming release threads with common, everyday problems that take all of 2 minutes to fix. This gets very annoying for anyone else trying to read through the thread. So I've decided to make this thread, that contains solutions to many of the problems.

    Missing .dlls
    This is probably the most common problem and the easiest to solve.

    Step one - Downloading the correct .dll
    I will upload a couple and try to keep the list updated but if i have not upload the one you are getting an error message for the simply google it. It will probably be the first result and just make sure that you download the .dll in a zip folder and that you don't get the .dll fixer by accident.

    Step two - Putting the file on your system32 folder
    Once you're done with downloading extract the .dll to some place handy (like your desktop).
    Next you'll need to find the system32 folder, to do this open 'My Computer' then find your hard drive.
    If you have more then one hard drive showing then you want the one that has the operating system installed on it. (and for those who still don't know it's probably the first one or the 'C:' drive)
    Now that you've found the correct hard drive, double click to open it and look for the folder call 'WINDOWS'.
    Once found, open it and look for the folder call system32, open it and now copy and paste the .dll from earlier into this folder.

    Step three - Putting the file on your Combat Arms folder
    Like with the system32 folder make sure you have the .dll you want handy.
    The quickest way to get to your CA folder depends on what operating system you are using.
    XP - Locate the shortcut to start CA on your desktop, right mouse click it and click 'properties'. Then click 'find target'.
    Vista/7 - Just find the CA shortcut on your desktop, right mouse click it and click 'open file location'.
    Now you have you CA folder open in front of you all that's left is to copy and paste the .dll like before.

    Updates and redistributable packages
    These are are quite important but often over looked, and although there simple enough to fix they can be slightly more time consuming.
    Basically these are just different prices of software that you some other programs need in order to run. Failing to have these installed and up-to-date can cause CA to crash or leave you stuck with a black screen and no idea as to what's gone wrong.

    Step one - The downloads
    You might only need one of these but it's better to just make sure you have everything.
    .NET Framework 4
    C++ 2010 Redistributable Package for 32bit
    C++ 2010 Redistributable Package for 64bit
    To find what version of DirectX you should have check the list in the spoiler.
    You might then need the DirectX End-User Runtime package

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 - DirectX 9.0c

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 - DirectX 9.0c

    Windows XP x64 Edition Service Pack 1 or a later version - DirectX 9.0c

    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or a later version - DirectX 9.0c

    Windows Vista - DirectX 10.0

    Windows Server 2008 - DirectX 10.0

    Note This includes all the components of the DirectX 9.0c runtime, except for Direct3D Retained Mode, DirectPlay Voice, and the Visual Basic 6.0 DirectX 7 and DirectX 8 support.

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or a later version - DirectX 10.1

    Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 1 or a later version - DirectX 10.1

    Windows 7 - DirectX 11.0

    Windows Server 2008 R2 - DirectX 11.0

    Windows Vista SP2 together with update 971644 or update 971512 - DirectX 11.0

    Windows Server 2008 SP2 together with update 971644 or update 971512 - DirectX 11.0

    Note This includes all the components of the DirectX 10.0 and 10.1 runtimes

    To update your graphics/video card drivers you will nee to check on your manufactures website:

    Step two - Installation
    Now that you have downloaded all the install files you need it should be no trouble to simply run and install them.

    Another thing that it is important to get right is what injector you use and how you use it.
    As it happens our very own Eminem has made as entire thread about this already which can be found here:
    I would recommend AirDrop as it is my personal favourite.

    Hacks Vs Antivirus
    A problem that can occur often is that your antivirus software detects that hack you are trying to use as a threat to your computer.
    It will therefore it will stop your hack form working and more then likely, crash CA.
    Now there's not much you can do about this except temporarily disable your AV while you inject the hack and CA starts up.

    Corrupt files
    Some hacks and .rez edits can actually corrupt some of the game files CA need in order to run.
    When this happens there's nothing you can do except re-download and re-install CA - Game client/patches page

    Virus Scans and downloads removed by aeronyx, all you really need are the downloads from microsoft.

    If you think there's something wrong or missing just leave a post and I'll do my best to keep everything updated!
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    Can you post which hack is which?

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