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    Middleman Question!!

    okay well idont know what happened to my question that i posted earlier either it was taken down by a mod or something or it got an error anyways sorry if it did get taken down by a mod but i didnt receive any message about it so it was probably an error so il ask again how guaranteed is it for the trade to be 100% succesfull unrecovrable if we use a middleman? i mean i want to buy an acc soon with nx code so how does it usually work i give the code to the middleman? the middleman gets the acc? how do we know that the middleman is trully secure about the acc also i heard that you can recover your account if you have gotten nx by paypal or credit card? another so can a middleman please clearly explain to me what will happen because i obviously want to change the email if that is possible and use my email also i am an old ca player so i use an original username not email if i do happen to buy an account that uses an emal as a username what will happen do i have to use that persons email even if i change the email of that account to mine? also what if a middleman decides to go a lil crazy and takes the nx code? and say that the nx code wasnt verified or was already used? how will you guys know ? since im pretty sure another middleman will trust a fellow member of his than a choob(me)

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    A middleman will NEVER go crazy aand take your NX. That's just not gonna happen. Here on MPGH you will be safe.

    Read these threads for more info regarding middlemen

    If you want more information, add @Time on MSN.

    P.S your old thread is still there. It is now going to be closed.
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