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    Wink Desprate help needed

    (sry in advance for spelling errors)
    so, lets start off with what i need, and what im capable of. iv been modding/hacking games whole life, but always, and i mean always, theres a period at which i...just cant do it O.o
    so i need help and instead of trying to hack CA for months, never succeeding and getting many, many accounts banned , i hope that someone would be nice enough to help me out a little...ok alot >..> alot of help
    what i need is a example. idk how a real hack is suppose to work, or if the crashes im having are from ban hammer or windows 7. iv tryed cyphers, multiple injectors, multiple hacks..none of them work. i need a working example to tell me whats SUPPOSE to happen. maybe something like a list u use
    basicly: cypher u know that works, hack u know is undetected, and injector u know works.
    if its windows 7 thats crashing me, then plz tell me
    and ty soooo much for reading mah wall of text

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    Try following this thread:
    If you still crash, use a the PE Cipher.
    If crashing still persists, try running the game without hacks. If it's crashing then, it's because of Win7.

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