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    Error Code 0 ! And Failed to update Module!

    Hello, I recently ran into the Error code 0 problem and hoping i could get some help. Yes i believe it was done the typical way , as in i swapped to golf server and it froze. then i tried to relog and it said i was signed in somewhere else. so i disconnected them and it said connecting to server but never did. so i relogged again and i got error code. its been about 3 days now. so i tried to find a solution. one was to start CA but dont login. remove the Hshield .dll's and login then put them back. but that then caused another error called failed to update protection module. if you guys could help me it would be greatly appreciated because i JUST bought 2 permanant weapons on CA and i dont want $50 to go to waste. Thanks.

    Also - The perms are G11 and Kriss Spec Ops. Both are amazing Guns.

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    Don't tamper with any of the files. You can check this out here, but I'm pretty sure you'll have to re-install the game.

    If that doesn't help you, I would just go right ahead and re-install the game
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