Ok, so i was wondering if anyone knows about a spammer that can write as many lines as you want, in an order? I have checked out all the ones around and the only ones like the type i am looking for, only hold like 5 lines. Could some coder try to make one that you can put in as many lines as you want that it then will spam out , in game in teh order you put them in. I know it is possible, because i have soem experince with VB, but don't have that program available right now. So before you call me a choob who needs to learn how to code, I do know how. But not a spam bot. What i am asking shouldn't be to hard since there are already about 10 spammers out. It would only take a little modification. I am sure many people and me would be very happy to get a spammer like that. i am sorry if you think i am spamming, but i think this is a good request that a lot of people would like. thank you for reading this.

No flaming plz. ☻