Okay, heres my issue.

I haven't played combat arms for about 1 year on this PC i am currently using. ( in general haven't played a few months on my main PC )
So i start up the loader for combat arms on my PC, It freezes at the "Version Checking" screen. and the error code is -2, 10060 which i know is the Maintenance error code. I think OK, lets go check out the maintenance, and what do i find? No maintenance is going on. So i don't know what to do. if any of you know whats going on please let me know.

Heres Some scrrenshots #1 showing the loader error and #2 showing the website with no maintenance going on.

Screenshot #1

ScreenShot(s) #2

PS: I have combat arms in firewall as an exception so is shouldn't be that issue.