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    How to run your PC with multiple Cores (dual core or better)


    This is basic information, so if you are a tech guru, or even a novice you probably already know this.

    My PC was set to a single core when I got it. I have a dual Core Processor.

    Enabling both cores( or 3, or all 4) can greatly improve system performance since now, you are working with more cores!

    How do i do it??

    Its easy! (if you want pictures let me know and i'll add them later)

    1. Click Start
    2. Click Run
    3. Type "msconfig" (dont add the " ")
    4. Click the Boot tab
    5. Click "Advanced options..."
    6. Check the box that says "Number of processors"
    7. Select your processes in the drop down box (1-4 depending on your processor)

    Single Core (1)
    Dual Core (2)
    Triple Core (forgot the real name) (3)
    Quad Core (4)

    Or if your a beast, you might have 8 cores. Yes, it exists.

    Hope this helped!

    (mods if you feel that this needs to be closed, then do so, and tell me why.)

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