i have a Windows 7 home Premium 64 bit and i installed Combat Arms, and this pops up "Unable to reset the renderer. In order to play CombatArms, you'll need at least DirectX 9.0c, with a video card that supports TnL. (Error: 484) i tried almost everything registry cleaning, restall then uninstalling, the combat arms game mulitable times, i updated my drivers but i cant figure it out and one more thing i remember i deleted Directx from my uninstalled programs like 1 year ago and before i unistalled it. it was working and i cant get it to work now i tried all the directx links the 9.0c end user and the directx june 10th to see if it will work but no. but now i tried all the compatibility mode's but that doesn't work either im stumped i might get windows 8 in a couple weeks though im just wondering i heard you cant play it on windows 7 unless its in compatibility mode any help would be appreciated