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    Need help with some long forgotten VB code...

    Making a utility and I need some help. I want the utility to start up center screen no matter what size screen the user has. But here's the kicker... There are 4 tools built in which each have their own forms to display at times and I want each form to appear in the same location each time it is selected. So basically I want the parent form, the main form of the utility to remain center screen at ALL times, not movable. I want the 4 remaining forms to also not be movable but to have their own location in relativity to the screen size of the user. let me try and explain...

    [FORM 2][ FORM 1 ][FORM 3] [FORM 4][ FORM 1 ][FORM 5]
    I want them laid out like that, all center screen, and not movable so that forms 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all half the height of form 1


    /Close plz. I solved my own problem.
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