well i had this problem about a year ago, thats when i had my old graphics card (nvidia 6150 Le). but now i have a new one and i decided to install combat arms again because i thought the slow loading would go away, but it didnt. heres what happens: everything runs fine until i get in the lobby of a game and click "ready", then the screen goes black and sometime only a quarter of the screen would show or sometimes it goes back to the desktop then goes back to the loading screen. on the loading screen, the loading bar is full but it still takes 2-3mins to get into the game. after all that the game runs perfectly fine, no lag what so ever. Heres my specs:

Vista home premium
nvidia 8400 GS graphics card
1022 MB ram
AMD athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 4200+

as you can see, i exceed the requirements. oh, and ive tried reinstall, disk defrag, and ive checked my connection and its strong.

thank you and i hope you can help.