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    Looking for Editors for the CoD Wiki

    What is a Editor?

    A Editor is a person who is well spoken in English and has the time to write and contribute to the Call of Duty Wiki.

    The requirements to be a Editor are:

    Must have an strong interest and be extremely knowledgeable in Call of Duty.
    Must be able to word one's self and write well written English (all of the content must be written, none of it can be copy pasted).
    Must have a significant amount of time to contribute and maintain the wiki.

    Responsibilities of a Editor are:

    Write and organize content.
    Moderate and edit user submitted pages and content.
    Ensure that the game news and other user submitted content gets to the frontpage.
    Work with other editors to ensure that the wiki is up to date.
    Take screenshots, find pictures, structure and format user content.
    Actively participate in the development of the wiki, inactivity will not be accepted.


    [MPGH] Infront of your name & name color

    Application Format:

    Time available:
    Reasons you should get this position:
    What have you done and what do you plan to do on the wiki:

    Other Information

    There are a limited number of positions, as of right now we have 8 spots open and we need only knowledgeable people who have a decent amount of time to build up the wiki and keep it up to date. You may start contributing to the wikis, and we encourage you to do so. Support will play no part in selection process.

    @Burgessjr is the CoD wiki Manager if you have any questions contact him.


    All other posts will result in a ban.
    Do not solicit people for support, doing so will result in your application being deleted + ban.

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    Jorndel | Applying for Editor (Users Request)

    Well, just some few persons asked me why I don't apply. I didn't see the need for it. Because I'm not going to write to much on the wiki.
    What I do there, is more to administrate what others have done, and make the pages look more "user-friendly". I also upload & take images that I see is useful.
    My English grammar isn't the best. So I'm more of an Supporter/Resource person for the Editors. And another thing I wonder... @ @Burgessjr said I was co-manager.Wonder what he meant with that.
    Name: Jørn.B (Jorndel @ MPGH)
    Age: 17 (22.Jan)
    Time available: 0-24 Hours. (It all on what I'm doing and how motivated I'm that day.)
    [But around 1 hour daily is spend on the wiki working, rest is just checking and doing small fixes]
    Reason: Well, I do support and contribute with my "work". I do also think I can improve the user-interface for people, so it will be better for our users to use the wiki. I do already have contact with other people writing on it.

    Some other things:
    I don't think it's right to apply for Editor. It's about what you do, not what you're going to do. It's like Staff applications, we have to proven our will to contribute. And so we should do for the Wiki as well.  The motivation for people to write, should NOT be to get the user-tag and colored name. (Some apply for that so...)
    What have I done?
    I think I have already said that
    And I attend to continue doing so.
    As long there are people working on the wiki, and some don't finish the work proper.
    I will continue to fix and work on the user-friendly'ness for the wiki. And I think, that is my main goal. And it's mainly what people focus on.

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    Name: Ahweii

    Age: 16

    Time available: standard working hours time. 9am - 5pm on Mondays to Friday, and Sunday. I'm in Singapore ( GMT+06:46:48 )

    Reasons you should get this position: i have a mature mindset, goes into research of call of duty very frequently, good knowledge in CoD series, i speak with fairly apprehensible english most of the times. I've also been into FPS for quite sometime and would really have passion helping this COD WiKi out. I ace in literature and english too.
    I've been trained in writing long essays of report regularly as one of a game operative in the past.
    Im really excited and passionate to get this job. I've played long hours on cod and find out every detail as much as possible.

    What have you done and what do you plan to do on the wiki: I've decided to help up on the weapons area as i know most of the weapons inside out. i unlocked the diamond camo myself without the ' CAMO EDITOR ' in the BO2 sections. i found a way to unlock diamond camo for LMG, SMG and Specials. So far i've visited the wiki once, and to be honest, there's not must in that wiki. i could give a guide to those people on how to rank their weapon up fast, and how to unlock the gold camo ASAP. I know someone has already posted on how to get the Diamond Camo on that wiki, but he or she is not giving enough info on how to use the weapon to the fullest. I could also share on some of the recommended classes i use, and why i chose that as a class.

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    Name: Joshua
    Age: 14

    Time Available: So my basketball practice is on Mon, Tue, Wed if I feel like going to them then I could be able to help from 3:15 - whenever I get off the computer but if I go everyday then 4:15 - whenever I get off

    Reasons you should get this position: I belive I was the second person to join the wiki (Not including Royce) and contributed alot of things but sadly I stop contributing because I went to my basketball pratices :[ I will get as much as I can into the wiki and help it out as much as I can.

    What have you done and what do you plan to do on the wiki: I have contributed into the Call of Duty: World at War section, the Call of Duty: 1 section, and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 section, but as said before I stopped working on the wiki.

    I plan to

    Help out the wiki (Obviously)
    Correct users grammar (If needed)
    Add more and more content to the given sections
    Give more ideas to for the wiki


    Skype, SwiftyTheGamer

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    Name: David A. Sanborn
    Age: 16
    Time available: from 9am to 2am .. .
    Reasons you should get this position: I think I should get this position because I'm Having a lot of Free Time and I Have some pretty Useful Knowledge and Information about Black Ops 2 and also about Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 and Call of duty: World At War..
    What have you done and what do you plan to do on the wiki: I started doing some Minor Changes on the MW3 Game Modes Section But that was just the Start ... But I plan to do my best in Completing those Sections and Helping others in the Call of Duty Wiki. By Tomorrow or Day After Tomorrow I'll Work Full time on the COD4 Section
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