Hello there my name is Flex and i come from US

Im 20yr old social engeneerer with 7 years of expirence and i make my living out of it i got in few law situations but got away with them all.
I SE Apple,Dell,Philips,Sony,Samsung,Microsoft,Nike and lots of other companies,i get around 10 packets per moth and all are worth 200$+ I have 8 drops and lots of reships because security is at #1 place if you Se like me i would recomend it to you.
I develop my own methods and i wont share them under any circumstances or any price

Anyways ill be making a few sales threads here and try to make some $$

Heres some of my lastest SEd items so you can be jelous

imgur[dot]com/1NoRUwQ,JIWBcBh,jSwNZd7,z7p6YFr,DhpZisb,KQCEWc4,sX 84H9h,96lxIGm,auVv1WC,H52JnLL,2t8uopx,gW3Puv5,MeHL vdc,0u5a715#0