Hey, everyone of MPGH! I'm Tipsy and I'm quite new here. I just wanted to say hello and talk a bit about my summer vacation. So unlike all my normal summers of just sitting in my room playing video games. This one I actually did a lot of fun things like; kayaking, swimming, to the beach, marina, casino, fourth of July party, movies and a lot more. But, the most exciting thing that I got finished doing was creating a gaming forum that's going pretty well the name of it is realmforum.net it's going quite well right now. We've been hosting contests, money contests, games to win, groups to win and a lot more things. Within a matter of weeks we've got together a really nice friendly community of all kinds of different people from males to females, kids and adults everyone gets along. We've even decided to open up a few game servers coming soon for minecraft, habbo retro and a few other games.

But, other than all of that everything's been going great. Soon I'm hoping I'm going to be getting a new car and all that good stuff. Then also I am hoping I am going on this trip to this really nice beach area and they have a pool that walks in using sand it's really cool. Yet, this summer has been one of the best and if you get around to it feel free to check out realmforum.net.