Hello everybody that reads this. Ive been on the community since 2011 and i have posted 6 times all of which in the Realm Of The Mad God hack section, which i have logged around 2.5 k hours in this game alone. I have a steam account worth $3k and a couple alts with csgo and a couple other games. I am learning Java right now but i would like to learn C++ (Which seems like a super simple transition.). I am currently on the website mostly for csgo hacks now and ive been looking at source code and learning what i can, although the whole memory editing is complicated to me and i will need a while to find out how that all works. I like listening to a variety of music, mostly rap and EDM but I was grown up on classic rock and metal (Post what music you enjoy!!!) My specs are ok, Gigabyte R9 280, I5, 8gig gddr5 , 1TB hybrid (bought 60% off ). My internet is 110 down 10 up with a local ISP. Thanks for reading and i hope to participate a bit more around the site!