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    Thumbs up Yo! Glad to be here (rant inc)

    How's everyone doin' this fine afternoon? So, I'll try to be direct and tell you guys why I joined. My birthday was on the 25th (2 days ago) and I treated myself to the New 3DS Animal Crossing bundle that just came out in the States. First thing I did was sell the faceplates, download code, and manuals + box for $85, bringing the cost of it down from $220 to $135!

    Now I just turned 22 and I'm in my senior year at Uni, finishing up my Edu/Bio degree. As you guys probably know (or have heard of) money can be tight during this age range. In order to pay for some of my books and lab supplies, I had to sell my XL (imgur[[DOT]]com/a6kCYU5.jpg) which I had grown quite fond of.

    Anyways, the spike in difficulty of my courseload now require more attentiveness on my part then ever before. My main reason for joining here is to hopefully sell my League of Legends main account, and my -much less used- smurf. I've heard good things about the community, but it's been years since I've joined or actively used any kind of forum community, and I've never let anyone else TOUCH these accounts, in the 4 years that I've owned them since I started playing LoL.

    IN CONCLUSION! I apologize in advance for ranting, it's a terrible habit of mine. If anyone wants to talk about League, 3DS stuff, anything really, feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to talk to some veteran members around here. I will make a thread trying to sell my main and smurf accounts later on, once I've gained some respect around here.

    P.S. I'm loving the white new 3DS, I would have preferred black, but it honestly feels like the more 'premium' member of the 3DS family! Sadly this is basically my exclusive gaming console for the next year or so till I graduate. :P

    What are you guys up to, play any good games lately?

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    You can definitely sell your LoL account here! Just make sure that you get a middleman to help you sell your account if you are unsure of the person you are selling your account to. Getting scammed is very easy so always take some pre-cautions when you're trading!

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive is pretty big here in MPGH so if you're into FPS shooters you gonna fit in just fine

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