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    Post [Introducion] Hello MPGH!

    Hello guys!

    I've been a "silent/guest" reader on MPGH for a long time.
    But I decided it'd be time for me to register and just go with the flow here.

    So let's introduce myself.

    Who am I?
    I'm Soufian, I'm the owner of several successful projects. Unfortunately I'm unable to post the links here due to the 20 posts limit.

    Do I have any skills?
    Yes I do, in my spare time you can find me programming, designing, security researching and way more.

    Programming & design languages:
    * PHP
    * MySQL
    * HTML
    * CSS
    * Java
    * jQuery
    * Javascript
    * C#
    * C++
    * VB.NET

    What programs do I have experience with?
    * Adobe Photoshop
    * Adobe Illustrator
    * Adobe Indesign
    * Adobe After Effects
    * 3Ds Max
    * Camtasia Studio
    * Android Studio
    And way more...

    Do you have any other skills?
    Yes I do.
    * Social Engineering (I can get most things done)
    * Security Researching (Finding leaks in systems, websites etc. and catch money for it.)
    * Android App development.
    * Pictures/Photo manipulation.
    And way more as well.

    So... are you going to contribute to this community?
    Hehe, that's a good question.
    I can tell you, you won't regret me being here.
    I'll be releasing a lot of systems/tools/designs etc.

    If you have any other questions, just don't hesitate and post it here, I'll be glad to answer them.
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