Hey guys! I used to be really into Steam games but then I got hooked on League until my parents took away my computer (that's how addicted I was...). Anyway I bought a new laptop and reinstalled all my games and League of course. I also bought a playstation 4 and a ton of new releases, but looks like the console gaming subforum is pretty dead xD I also do SE services for myself. I don't really sell off my services anymore because I didn't have the time to keep constant contact with customers, but I quit my two jobs recently so I would have time for college apps. I already got two more jobs but they're both only part-time so I still have a ton of time on my hands. I used to refund Amazon but now I just pay other people to do it for me. I joined the Fitbit hype as well. As you can tell, i'm in the marketplace a lot. I actually used to browse (lurk) the mpgh marketplace without logging in so I can use some services here. I'll definitely be in the marketplace the most, but I will definitely try to tune in on general as well. And I came here because the forum I was in prior to this pretty much died off when I came back. Anyways, hack on and I'll see y'all around!