Hey everyone. It's been quite some time now since I last posted here. I started roaming this forum back in the day when Soldier Front wasn't full of boosters and we got 1 public cheat a week. Now it's just dead and probably for the best, looking back it was a god awful game filled with micro transactions. But let's talk about me.

My name is Schoorp and I am coming back to MPGH for being AFK for 2 years long and I have mixed feeling about it. First of all, I despise cheaters. (inb4 HURRR DURR GET OFF MY FORUM FAG) But let me explain. I cheated before on Soldier Front and occasionally on Combat Arms. Those were shitty F2P games and I couldn't care less if I got banned (IF you got banned, it was shit back then). Nowadays, I play mostly CSGO and everytime I see a cheater in comp I barf a little in my mouth. Developing cheats, okay. Coding cheats and bots, fair enough. But I just despise script kiddies.

Hold on, hold on. I don't mean to start a fucking war or DEUS VULT on me for that matter. I am just making clear that I don't like cheaters in CSGO. I am fascinated by coders and programming though, (and I suck at it) so that's one of the reasons I am coming back to MPGH. Another one of the reasons why I came back to MPGH, is to give an alternative. I am willing to teach some of the scrubs that choose hacks > skill normal CSGO strats. I know it's against the business model that MPGH uses, but come on. I am alone on this, no way I am gonna impact any of the cheater revenues. Last reason = cheap accounts to give to friends that are starting PC gaming.

So that's a little bit about me, I am looking forward to talk to you and helping you in every possible way. Have a nice day and see you online!

- Schoorp