I've never been on MPGH but it seems like a great community unlike other various communities online these days.
Anyways I came here mainly for business, I consider myself a social engineer I've studied/practiced Social Engineering/Human Hacking/Social Manipulation/Whatever you'd like to call it for years and it fascinates me how vulnerable people are and what people will believe if someone of authority makes them feel small ect I could go deeper into it and if you'd like to discuss Social Engineering feel free to PM me I think that we could defiantly have a good conversation about it, I know doing amazon/ "SEing Amazon" as some would call it isn't social engineering at all in some sense it could be considered as SEing but Amazon's reps are paid to solve your problems and they don't want angry customers tbh they probably know that more than 50% of those complaints are fake they probably just give up and decide to refund you, but I've been doing Amazon for years now probably about 3 and a half years I don't really keep track but I know its been a long time, I've refunded pretty much anything you can think of for myself(pretty much everything I own has been refunded for amazon), my friends, random people I meet online, and even family members. I was referred to join MPGH by a friend of a friend that uses MPGH he sells cracked accounts and I can say from personal experience that his accounts never fail me. When he gets online I'll link his profile on this thread if anyone is interested. I might start a refunding service sometime but I think what would be more valuable for people here would be a coaching service for Amazon? I don't know if this has been done before and yes in general Amazon is easy to refund if your doing it for yourself but if your trying to turn this into a "business" for actually making a living off of it and making big profit it can get a bit complex and confusing to control, if I do start a "coaching service" that's what I would cover because not everyone just wants free stuff everyone wants to make big bucks right? Anyways I also study security, which is my main passion it's amazing how the united states(If that is your formal country) has put billions of dollars into "AntiSecurity" as I like to call it (and information on that is readily available online to anyone who'd like to read about it), and people STILL think that they can be 100% secure and hidden from government and anyone and EVERYONE that would like to track you. security is an illusion. Yes there are ways to "anonymize" yourself but everything can be bypassed with knowledge and or billions of dollars of government funded dollars to do so.