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    Hello =P

    Hello, I am OkNickname, and I'm a begineer videogame designer and programmer. I have released a romhack, I'm working on my last homebrew game for the SegaCD trying to take best usage as possible from VDP chip (from special layer compositing to the more fancy horizontal interrupt driven effects), and I done a few tools for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive and NeoGeo AES in Motorola 68000 Assembly instruction set. I know PHP, I'm learning C, and sometimes I try to do pixel art and some pencil animation (as long as I have enough papers xP).

    From inside, and as you meet me, you'll learn that I'm not a bad person at all, just that I have a general issue that I find it... (let's say) a bit harder to communicate with people through words, but instead I do much better causing a strong reaction on a finished and polished enough audiovisual product :X. Disney just love to wash their public's brain so they win, so why not try similar? I always try to learn about framing, color usage and the most slightest things, but in order be successful, I think need to learn some "direct" social engineering in real life to know how to behave properly and be "allowed" to succeed!

    See you next time! =P
    (also not sure if releasing my projects publically here is a good idea, I may put my general internet identity on risk X_X)
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