I'm not entirely new to mpgh i knew about it for a long time but i never got into it.. Until recently

i've been around a month or 2 now and i've been loving it to be honest, a lot of stuff i discovered that i just couldnt believe and it was right here all this time lol.

Anyway basicly, i'm a buyer most of the time. I buy ps4 games to use for myself or i but ps4 games for my friends who rather put their faith in me than trust the strangers (i dont profit from my friends, just saying lol).

But here is my next challenge, and id like anybody capable to help me with that while i spent most of my time researching, i want to learn how to hack ps4 accounts. I'd be willing to pay for a mentor as long as we dont go sky high with the prices :P

Anyway so that's me, i buy, i share, i research. Hoping to learn a lot more from mpgh!