Hi every1 Mai name is teh LOVESHEALER(AKA DERPYDOG/THEDERPYDOG*youtube*) I loves people and hate, hate so i'm a walking typing contradiction. Poems are things I type on my spare time, I usually don't come here to hack, and if I do, it's going to be on a game that I can play SOLO on I don't like hacking Moldy Player games, that's unfair :3 <(CONTRADICTION!) > My first language is Englsh, although I love GERMAN , don't know much but, i'm learning . I hate liers, cheaters, and the steelers. I'm a patriot :P, i believe love is nothing to be sought out, but to be found by mistake, I'm 16 and my current project ***** (name is exclusive) Web Browser Hearts and flowers to you all!


I like females :< that's meh bio but it's also my introduction(wasn't properly introduced a couple months ago)