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    Hello People Of MPGH ,
    I made this account a few years ago when i was still in my Xbox Phase and now I have grown to love PC gaming and no longer touch my Xbox . I never really made any posts or attempt to be apart of the community of MPGH , all I did was download from posts without thanking the author and Recently enough I started to learn the basics of the C programming language and I realized one day that MPGH had a great community and it also had some really useful tools that have helped me . I love the feeling when I'm programming because it is not like any other feeling that I have ever encountered so I figured I'd attempt to become a official active member of MPGH's Community. My "Username" has changed over the years since I first joined and am now usually referred to as " Renny " or sometimes " Renji "(A
    character from The Anime Bleach) and often by my first name " Nick " . I Decided after my good friend Noirbreaker made a post after I Referred him to these forms that I too would make a Member Introduction Because I never did . I will be posting tools and such and trying to help the general public of MPGH as much as I can . I'm Currently still in high school and my plans after I graduate Most likely would be going into collage and getting a degree somewhere in the field of game design . Also , My best subject would have to be English strangely enough . I'm Only 15 years of age though but yet I'm a lot more mature then most people my age . Plus , A whole lot of people like to say that I sound and look like I'm 19. Sorry if this seemed like I was rambling ( probably why its so long xD ) . I wanted to make it clear that I'm here if anyone needed any help at all and I'm an extremely nice person when you don't disrespect me . Hope I didn't bore anyone who read this Cx ( If I did I'm Greatly Sorry ). ( Oh and I'm normally a night person so If I don't respond I am extremely sorry because I'm usually up till the crack of dawn and sleep most of the day )


    Renny Foxx (AKA. Red Assassin 12)
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