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    Hey Guys!

    I recently got banned from another graphics forums that I was on for sticking up for myself and not letting immature admins troll all day.

    But hey, you guys got another decent graphics artist now!

    So lets be formal now, I'm Pathogen, I do graphic design in Photoshop. Well not really graphic design, just signatures mostly. I love filling requests, posting resource, and generally helping people get better at it.

    I like sharing my styles with people and better than dropping my portfolio in this thread, I'll just give you a few of my best pieces, and you can go check out my Tumblr. All my pieces are my own, and I will freely give out my PSD's to prove it.

    I hope to get a warm welcome, and as for now and always, please enjoy my work! I hope it appeals to your eyes!

    These are some of my personal favorites that I've made for myself and old friends.

    Please check out my profile for my Tumblr, check me out if you like the pieces below!

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