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    The New Userís Guide to MPGH

    The New User’s Guide to MPGH

    I. Introduction
    II. How to start
    - How to create topics
    - How to add polls
    III. How to add a signature/avatar
    - How to upload images
    - Common Image Hosting Sites
    IV. Proper posting etiquette
    V. Basic Rules
    VI. VIP?
    VII. Conclusion and other notes
    VIII. Credits

    I. Introduction

    So, you’re a new member to MPGH? Let me guess – You joined for hacks? Yeah, that’s not a surprise seeing as the name of the site is MultiPlayer Game Hacks. MPGH is a community full of people who like to hack, talk and generally act in a civil matter to become friends and rise above thinking about themselves only to help the community. MPGH offers many hacks whether they be public or VIP from Crossfire to Warrock. This is the main reason people come and I’m sure that new users come here for hacks. If you wish to gain the knowledge and wisdom of veteran MPGH users then read on and remember:


    II. How to Start

    Well, you’ve signed up. That’s a start. Good job on doing that without a tutorial. The first thing you should do is make an Introduction here:

    New Member Introduction - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking

    If you don’t know how to post a thread here’s a short tutorial:

    • Click ‘New Topic’ at the top left of the page
    • Enter a Title, make it short and to the point – For this part of the tutorial you should make your title ‘Hi, I’m ___’ or ‘Hey!’
    • You can then enter your message. Remember to include things that are relevant to what you actually want to post and not spam.
    • You can then press ‘Submit new thread’. People can then add their opinions and replies.
    • Repeat where needed, make sure not to spam unless in the spam section =D
    If you want to add a poll to your thread:

    • Post your thread
    • You should see a toolbar above your post on the top right:

    • Press ‘Thread Tools’ and you should see ‘Add a poll to this thread’
    • Fill in your poll question and choices
    • Press ‘Submit Poll’ and you’re done!
    From then on you can go on and post threads in the sections you like and go around basically doing what you want – within the rules.

    III. How to add a signature/avatar

    So now you know how to post! Good for you! But don’t you notice and empty space below your posts when other users have shiny pictures? Well you too can have shiny pictures everywhere!

    Firstly, go to ‘User CP’, which can be found below the MPGH banner rrriiiight at the top of the page. Here is a quick link: MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking
    From here you can edit your details, options, avatar, signature, a lot of things. But for now we want avatar. Click ‘Edit your avatar’ (MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking)

    You should see a page similar to this:

    If you have saved your avatar you can go to Browse, find your file; click ok then click save changes. If your avatar is hosted on such sites as Tinypic or Imageshack you can simply copy + paste it into the box and press save changes. Great! You’ve added an avatar.

    Now, here’s how to add a signature.

    In User CP find ‘Edit Your Signature’ (MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking)

    From there you should see something like this:

    Where my images are you can put in your images or words. To put in images all you need to do is copy and paste the URL from the image you have uploaded and press the button that looks like a square with mountains in it and press ok. It should then appear as a url in your signature. There are many options to play around with, so try them out. If you do try things out just press ‘Preview signature’ once you are happy press ‘Save Signature’

    How to upload an image:

    • Go to an image hosting site, for this tutorial I am using
    • You should see a button saying ‘Browse’ click this and find your file
    • You can then press upload now
    • You should then see image codes such as [.IMG][/IMG] which can be pasted directly into your sig or which is a direct link that can be used to share with friends.
    • You’re done! Just get your image code and show it off
    Common Image Hosting sites:

    IV. Proper Posting Etiquette

    Posting can be a tiresome thing and can be boring. Some people like to make work easier and shorten there words saying such things as ‘Yh I wil do dat jus 1 sec k?’ This is not cool. It should be written out as ‘Yeah, I’ll do that. Just wait one second, ok?’ People who write in short form are not cool and never will be until they learn to type properly like a civilized person.

    ‘1337’ speak is also not proper posting etiquette as it is deemed as ‘childish’ and can be hard to understand. It is not advised to use ‘1337’ speak at all unless you are using it jokingly, as with short forms of words.

    Posts should be something that are thought out, non-hurtful to others and are relevant to the topic. They should be easy to understand and most of all they should be meaningful.

    V. Basic Rules

    The Rules of MPGH can be found here:

    But the rules you need to know are:
    -No Flaming
    -No Spamming
    -No Bumping
    -No Begging for hacks
    -No Viruses
    -Do not disrespect staff
    -DO NOT post outside links, please don’t do it.
    -Use common sense.

    VI. VIP?

    VIP? What’s VIP I hear you ask? Well VIP is a special rank which entitles you to see the VIP section and allows you to use VIP hacks. You also get a shiny new color and are more respected in the community. There are many competitions such as SOTW and staff held competitions to win VIP but normally to get it you have to pay $20 to Dave as seen here:

    VIP Users are people like BSG.Flash:

    VIP is well worth the $20 and if you have that kind of money and want access to the best hacks then you should buy it!

    VII. Conclusion and Other Notes

    Well, I hope you’ve learned something from this tutorial and I hope you’ll take the tutorial to heart and really understand what I’m trying to say. If you take anything from this tutorial it should be that you should always respect your fellow MPGHers and follow the rules. Everyone has more fun when in a happy mood.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions to be afraid to PM me or any of the staff with your questions, concerns or comments. Also, staff if I’ve missed something don’t hesitate to edit it. Good day to you all and good luck with the forums.

    VIII. Credits & Thanks

    Me (Haze) – Writer of Tutorial
    Dave – Owner of MPGH
    BSG.Flash – Being sexy
    DBB - Helping ;D
    Hispi - Yeah
    Members of MPGH – For being awesome
    Everyone who has helped me or a noob in need.
    vBulletin Staff & Makers – For creating pro boards and teaching me things I never knew when.

    To be distributed by Haze of MPGH & not to be re-edited with the same words in any way unless with my explicit permission. © 2009
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