Hey guys!

I'm Onur from Turkey. I used to be a member of there during my first Warrock years. I was very satisfied of the community and service (VIP hacks) out there, however, I left playing WR for bussiness reasons. So, eventually I left here, which, I see, was a wrong decision.

Reason why I think it was wrong is, simply the change in the big picture. I see the forum and the hierarchy expanded and developed alot during there years! It's a great thing to see that kind of structure, which makes this site more an entrepreneur than a forum site. So I decided to get back into that area, and WR.

I'm happy to be here again, and I'm also looking forward to meet some of you over there. I'd love to discuss anything with you!

Btw, I couldn't find the VIP Hack of WR at first look. IDK if the community stopped releasing it. I'd be thankful if someone texts me and makes it clear.