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    Question Yitien chronicals

    I see many guys here wishing too hack yitien I tried its hard to do so u have too hack the game or the server in order to do so but even then they will catch you unless u playing wartune that is low security the u can I am playing this game and I see there is lots of money droppers in this game if u don't got cash to put down u will not get far on it u will but it will take time to do so there are guys in the clan I am in have spent as much as 10k dollars on the game to be ranked highest all tho there is a free cheap way to do so with just vip first thing first one strong guy in team with other some decent and get things faster or start a new guy and just save everything u get in low lvls that's easy too get for higher ranked lvl guy that's what I did tested the game with one guy figured out what too do what needs to be done and went from there now I am lvl 92 and ranked in top 10 matching guys lvl 100 to 110 I don't even have the armor they do noor the money they have games like this need time and effort in to the game u got the hacks that say fill out a s.ur.vey and you will get the hack that works don't bother with it doesn't work they getting payed by you doing sur.veys for them u can use cheatengine 6.2 almost in every game one of the best hack programs I used in game hacks even with it u have to be low in order not too get coughed then ur done can never play the game unles u buy new computer and lose the character u creat and build on it most RPMG games are hard too hack most u cant even hack they know what u got at all the time

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