Dear MPGH for xmas, i want some girl, dildo, anal dildo, vagina in plastic, and a lot of libido....

Hello, all
My name is Krustibat i have 19 Years old, i live in France, and all 8AM i go to the toilet for kill obama (the president of the united state).

Let's have a serious thread...

i'm here since 2009 and i'm like these guys on facebook they see, they read but you will never see they have read. I call these man FuFu Master, so i'm one. i know probably 50% of u're life 'cause when we type you're nametag on Google i know you love naruto and u take some pic wearing a naruto costume (cosplay, hann).
Mostly i playing fps or MOBA like LoL or Smite or Dota or...(end)