i would just like to introduce my self here real quick first of all this is my second account i wanted to start fresh and leave behind the past so i am here again to talk, download, mod, write, help and pretty much do what i do so now to the introduction. My name as you can probably tell is Jason Warren i am 20 years old and i live in Florida (the sunshine state where it always rains) now your probably reading this right now thinking why is he telling me this well to anyone questioning just keep reading. Currently i am working on three projects of which i can not release to the public due to there not being enough "leaked, Press Release, or word of mouth" about them but just know that one of them is a website and the other two are games (FPS, and MMORPG) now the reason i am letting you know what i do is so that when i post a question or a comment on something here my fellow Thread crawlers do not judge me as a "Noob" because all though i am working on these projects there is still much i can learn and where better to learn than from a website full of coders and hackers. Well enough about my working status on to my qualifications and certifications first of all my quals and certs were not earned the traditional way through schooling they were all self taught through many trial and error attempts and anyone that codes knows what i am am talking about but my qualifications are as follows - C, C--, C++, Java, JavaFX Script, JScript .NET, JScript, F#, Dart, etc... well i could go on for a while with these but thats not the point the point here yet again is to let you the reader know what i am capable of and to not be afraid to come to me with questions and believe me i get questions all day so a few more couldn't hurt. So let me know what you think with some comments and like i said if you have any questions about what i have shared here or about programming please send me a PM ill be more than happy to talk.