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    Question New User. Tons of questions. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hey Guys. So I accidentally stumbled upon this website and its fascinating. Long story short I used to get free Netflix every month by using a prepaid debit card and their free trial service. That doesn't work anymore so I google "Buy a Netflix Account" and I stumbled on the selling section of this forum.

    So if it's okay I have a couple of questions.

    1. I see people selling Netflix accounts for a dollar. How reliable/trustworthy/real is that? Is it a dollar per month or a dollar for forever unlimited netflix?

    2. Does anybody know which methods these people use to get unlimited Netflix accounts?

    3. If I wanted to buy it or buy anything else how would I do it? I wouldn't feel very safe just handing out all my credit card info to people.

    I also stumbled on a guy offering $500 dollar ebay cards for $120

    4. How do these guys get these cards? Do they steal them from people? Do they have some software that generates it?

    5. How legit would you say the deals are and how safe am I sending $150 dollars to these guys. Am I really going to get these amazing deals and offers?

    6. What is the likelyhood of me being "caught" if whatever these guys are doing is illegal?

    7. Is there any way for me to do it myself?

    8. Do absolutely all trades require middleman? Even one dollar Netflix account trades?

    9. Also whats the whole Skype thing about? Why does everybody want to talk through skype?

    I've been reading the eBook section of the marketplace and it seems like everybody knows hundreds of amazing methods to make crazy money!

    10. Is there a guide or a post or something to help me get started or do I have to go buy every single eBook?

    11. How did all the people who write the eBooks learn all the stuff? When reading the vouches some users mention that their method is known all over the forum.

    12. Would you guys recommend me spending somewhere around $100 on ebooks to get started and learn everything or are they all wastes of money?

    13. Also how much money does the average user on here make?

    Just found something else. Amazon Refund service? No way this seems way to good to be possible true? Pay around $50 dollars to get a $500 item. That sounds way to awesome to be real.

    14. How does it work? Does the guy just call Amazon and pretend he is me and say that I never got the product or something? What are the risks to this? Is amazon going to ban me from shopping there? Why can't I just call myself and tell Amazon I want a refund? Or is it some whole special process?

    Once again all the stuff on this site seems so awesome but too good to be possibly true. What is really happening here? Is everything extremely risky? And How did people find out how to do this?

    15. Also is there any other cool stuff like the Amazon Refund? Is there something for eBay?

    16. Are there any other websites/forums out there like the MPGH marketplace?

    17. What do terms like Blackhat, e-whoring, SE mean?

    Once again any help with any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.
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