Hello MPGH

I am ExpectedGP (I wish I could change my name but anyway)
I joined back in April but never really saw a point to make an introduction. I didn't really see what this forum was about, but TODAY! I have realised why I should of introduced myself a long time ago. I see now the community an how big an strong it is. I see now how massively massive the FORUM is!

That is why I am doing a late introduction, but it doesn't matter because none of you knew who I was anyway..Well until now, I have become un-anonymous. I have taken the mask off I guess? Anyway I am ExpectedGP.

I would make this Introduction look 50/10 better but I can't add images/links yet apparently so yeah. Sadly I can't show you the work I do. But I am a Digital Art/GFX artist but you probably wouldn't believe that as I can't upload any images so yeah sucks for me. Hopefully in the future you will see me in the GRAPHICS section <3

Thanks for having me on this amazingly amazing FORUM!